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Minor Entrepreneurship

Full-time - Day-time class

Educational institute
College of Economics and Business
30 credits
Instruction language
Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship
Roetersstraat 11
+31 20 5254110
The programme
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The programme


The Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) at the UvA offers an introduction to entrepreneurship education for a broad range of students via this minor programme. During the minor, students are introduced to entrepreneurship from an academic, theoretical perspective. However, at the heart of the programme, students actively identify an entrepreneurial opportunity, with the semester-ending goal of setting up a private company with students from other disciplines. This is done under the guidance of experienced business coaches. Consultants of top-tier consultancy firms, Rabobank, and other companies provide workshops and guest lectures. Throughout the semester, teams craft and refine a business plan. At the end of the 21 weeks, teams give public presentations in front of a jury and a large audience. Electives are available to complement these theoretical and practical approaches to entrepreneurship.

It is recommended to plan the minor at an early stage, preferably right after completing the first-year of the Bachelor's programme. The courses that make up the curriculum of the minor may not be scheduled every quarter and/or in every semester. Thus, it can happen that a minor programme can not be completed within the nominal time-frame. Thus, starting the minor at an early stage during the Bachelor's programme can prevent any study delays.

The study programme of the Minor Entrepreneurship consists of mandatory courses (24 EC) and a restricted elective (6 EC) with a total workload of 30 credits.

Mandatory courses Minor programme Entrepreneurship (24 EC)
Semester 1 
    Block 1:
    Cases in Entrepreneurship (6 EC)*
    Block 1+2+3:
    Entrepreneurship in Practice (18 EC)*
Semester 2
    Block 1:
    Cases in Entrepreneurship (6 EC)
    Block 1+2+3:
    Entrepreneurship in Practice (18 EC)
*The courses in Semester 1 are taught in Dutch.

Restricted elective
The restricted elective part of the study programme (6 EC) must be filled with one of the following courses:

Elective courses Minor programme Entrepreneurship (6 EC)
Semester 1 
    Block 1:
    Strategisch Management (6 EC)*/**
    Block 2:
    Accounting (6 EC)*/**
    Marketing (6 EC)**
    Block 3:
    Ondernemingsrecht (6 EC)**
Semester 2
    Block 1:
    Organisatie en Management (6 EC)*/**
    Block 2:
    Financiering (6 EC)*/**
    Operations and Process Management (6 EC)
*Recommended elective. **Course in Dutch. Please go to the Dutch course catalogue for a course description.

Regular students of the Faculty of Economics and Business
For regular students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, the following rules also apply:

  1. regular students of the FEB may not use or take any of the abovementioned elective courses to satisfy the elective portion of the Minor, if it is already being used to satisfy the requirements for other degrees or diplomas at the FEB;
  2. for regular students of the FEB, the Minor Entrepreneurship will be mentioned on the diploma, but they will not receive a Minor certificate.