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Advanced Immunology

Catalogue Number
Admin. code
6 ( EC)
Master Biomedical Sciences-track Infection and Immunity
Time Period(s)
Semester 1 block 1 ( 30 September 2013 - 25 October 2013) More info
Educational institute
Graduate School of Life and Earth Sciences
Organised by
Sanquin (CLB)
Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC)
prof. dr. E. Eldering (co-ordinator) and prof. dr. S.M. van Ham (co-ordinator)
prof. dr. E. Eldering
Meibergdreef 9
+31 20 5667018
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The purpose of the course Advanced Immunology is to provide the student with a thorough basic as well as state of the art knowledge on key immunological themes, in combination with an active literature study of contemporary immunological articles.


In this course, students learn from and interact with scientists actively working in various areas of immunology. Starting from the textbook Immunobiology of Janeway, main immunology themes will be presented by staff scientists of the two participating institutes (AMC and Sanquin). In 2-day cycles, they will address a theme (e.g. macrophages and pattern recognition) in a morning lecture session (3 hrs) that will work towards 1 or 2 contemporary articles in that field. The articles will be posted on Blackboard in advance. The afternoon the students will read the article(s) which will be presented by selected students and discussed by all during an interactive tutorial session the next morning(3 hrs). The afternoon that follows, time is reserved to prepare the textbook and possibly articles for the next 2-day cycle. This cycle of 10 lecture and workdiscussion sessions is intense and will provide a fast learning curve at Master level education.

Recommended prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of immunology as well as understanding of selected chapters of the textbook Janeway's Immunobiology by Murphy, Travers and Walport, 7th edition (chapters will be posted on blackboard after registration for the course).

Registration at

First-year students of the track Infection and Immunity will be registered automatically.
All other students: Registration for this course via https://www.sis.uva.nl between Monday June 10th and Sunday August 4th 2013 is mandatory.


Lecture sessions 25%
Reading Articles, preparing presentation 50%
Presentations by students + discussion 25%


The course schedule can be found at https://datanose.nl/

Study materials

Textbook: Immunobiology (Janeway et al., 7th edition)
Handouts of articles, pdfs on Blackboard.

Min/max participants

The maximum number of students is 25. Admission to the course will depend on the capacity, the total number of applications, the date of registration and background of the individual student. If the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the course, student may have to be selected and priority will be given, in the following order:

  1. first-year students of the track Infection & Immunity
  2. second-year students of the track Infection & Immunity
  3. master students of the Medical Biology cluster (Biomedical Sciences)
  4. master students of other master programmes


  1. At the start of each 2-day session, the lecturer will hold a short written pre-test covering the relevant chapter of the textbook Immunology by Janeway (chapters will be posted in advance). The results of each test will add up to 30% of the final mark.
  2. Some of the participating staff scientists will score the students, based on performance during their article presentation and the accompanying discussions (30% of finall mark)
  3. Some participating staff scientists will hold a short written test about the articles (30% of final mark)
  4. Active participation is strongly encouraged as part of a Master?s scientific education, and will be noted and scored in the various sessions and discussions (10% of final mark)
  5. Remark; depending on the number of participating students, the number and format of the tests will vary per year.

Examination date

The exam schedule can be found at https://datanose.nl/


Location: Sanquin and AMC.