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Advanced Medical Microbiology

Catalogue Number
Admin. code
6 ( EC)
Year 1 Master Biomedical Sciences-track Infection and Immunity
Time Period(s)
Semester 1 block 2 ( 28 October 2013 – 22 November 2013) More info
Educational institute
Graduate School of Life and Earth Sciences
Organised by
Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC)
dr. Y. Pannekoek (co-ordinator) and dr. S.A.J. Zaat (co-ordinator)
dr. S.A.J. Zaat
AMC, Meibergdreef 9 kamer L1-116
+31 20 5664863
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The purpose of the course Advanced Medical Microbiology is to provide the student with detailed insight in epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of important infectious diseases, and contemporary issues and novel developments in the field of Medical Microbiology. As the (re-)emergence of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance development are a global problem, the course will also address the Global Health aspects of infectious diseases. The knowledge acquired during the lectures will be tested in an exam, and students will work out several assignments, of which they will show their advancements in presentations and discussion.


The course will be divided in 4 weekly periods, each with a separate theme. Themes include bacterial infections, viral infections, host response-prevention-treatment, and parasitic infections-global health. Each period will consist of lectures combined with an assignment. Assignments will consist of presentations on current knowledge of selected relevant subjects (week 1; groups of 4 students); writing a Perspective (week 2; individual); and presentation of a recent scientific publication (week 3; groups of 2 students) in relation to a specific infection or related subject. No assignments will be given during the 4th week. The lectures will be supported by recent reviews or key publications selected by the teachers.

Recommended prior knowledge

A basic knowledge of general immunology is assumed.

Registration at

First-year students of the track Infection and Immunity will be registered automatically.
All other students: Registration for this course via https://www.sis.uva.nl between Monday June 10th and Sunday August 4th 2013 is mandatory.


  • Lecture sessions 33%
  • Reading Articles, preparing presentation 25%
  • Presentations by students + discussion 8%
  • Writing of Editorial/Perspective paper 17%
  • Study time / exam 17%


The course schedule can be found at https://datanose.nl/

Study materials

Verplicht: Mim's Medical Microbiology, 5th ed. published by Elsevier. Hard copy: ± € 53,99 or E-book: ± € 44,99.

Handouts of articles, pdfs and presentations on Blackboard

Min/max participants

The maximum number of students is 32. Admission to the course will depend on the capacity, the total number of applications, the date of registration and background of the individual student. If the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the course, student may have to be selected and priority will be given, in the following order:

  1. first-year students of the track Infection & Immunity
  2. second-year students of the track Infection & Immunity
  3. master students of the Medical Biology cluster (Biomedical Sciences)
  4. master students of other masterprogrammes


1. Exam on lectures plus articles: 40% of final mark.

2. Presentation of group assignment (4 students/group) week 1: 20% of final mark Each student will take part in the presentation and receive an individual mark from at least 2 supervisors/teachers.

3. Writing Perspective paper of week 2 (individual): 20% of final mark

4. Presentation of 2-student assignment (presenting an article) week 3: 20% of final mark Each student will take part in the presentation and receive an individual mark from at least 2 supervisors/teachers.

Examination date

The exam schedule can be found at https://datanose.nl/


Location: AMC