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UvA Course Catalogue 2013 - 2014

In this catalogue you will find information on study programmes and lecturers of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). All available courses are included except for those of Dentistry.

The UvA Course catalogue of the current academic year cannot be updated since the start of the second semester. Latest changes to the text of course or programme are not on the website. In case of mixed messages contact the coordinator of the course or programme.

More information
At the school secretary's office they can help you with your questions. You can find contact details on the student page of your study programme. Go to http://student.uva.nl/en and choose your programme.

Information about minors is available here.

Timetables of study programmes
You can browse through the timetables of study programmes and exams from the course catalogue.

For general questions please click Service & Information Centre.
Should you have any comments on the UvA Course Catalogue you can send these to the e-mail address studiegids-fb-ic@uva.nl.


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Last modified on 24 February 2014